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Barclays Ping it Brings Mobile Payments to London’s Taxis

THA London taxi driver has become the primary within the capital simply to accept fares are employing a mobile application.

Black cab operator Ian Cable are running an extended trial of Barclays Ping it to require payment round the capital of the United Kingdom space, lasting till this Friday.

Passengers with the Ping it app downloaded onto their tool are ready to build a payment by scanning a QR code with the app, and scanning a novel system within the taxi, with the payment complete at intervals thirty seconds.

Cable, who has been a London black cab driver for twenty-three years, is of a pioneer once it involves new payment strategies, having been the primary simply to accept payment by chip and PIN in 2004.

“I am terribly excited to participate during this trial,” Cable (pictured below in his cab) same. “I have been a cabbie for millions of years and am continuously up for attempting new power to build mine and my passenger’s lives easier.


“We are experiencing significant technological changes in our country and that I suppose it’s our duty to stay up with what our passengers need and wish.”

Recent analysis from the Centre for Economic and Business analysis expected that, by 2020, twenty million adults can use their mobiles to get product and services, with the overall price of mobile payments can reach £18.1bn by 2018.

Darren Foulds, director of Barclays Mobile and Ping it, said: “We are continuously keen to support new ways in which to create people’s lives easier. This Ping it trial demonstrates the immense potential for mobile payments as they gain a lot of widespread use.

“For quick, secure transactions on the go, mobile is fast-becoming a sure method of creating payments – whether or not from person-to-person or, as during this case, to transfer funds from a checking account to a little business.”To receive latest updates about the taxi fare calculator, route guidemap and taxi information please visit us page inside the London Wimbledon Minicabs

According to Barclays, Barclays Ping it has been downloaded million times since its launch in February 2012, with the overall quantity of funds sent mistreatment the service recently topping £540 million. Earlier this month, the bank finally discovered a Windows Phone version of the app, terribly a year when the corporate secure it might offer for users.

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