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Car-free Sunday closes roads in Bristol

Bristol carCourtesy: BBC NEWS

Roads in part of Bristol city centre have been closed in the city’s first car-free Sunday.

Baldwin Street, King Street and Corn Street are among the roads shut to traffic in Mayor George Ferguson’s Make Sunday Special initiative.

Some people claim Mr Ferguson – who was closing the roads from 09:00 to 18:00 BST – is anti-motorist.

But he has hailed the day a great success and said he is not concerned about the critics.

It is the first of five monthly events – costing a total of £195,000 – aimed at opening up the centre of Bristol for pedestrians.

Mr Ferguson said: “This is all about the people, cities are made up of people, not buildings and cars, and this is a wonderful demonstration and wherever I go I have been stopped by people being enthusiastic about it.

“If it has worked like this in this weather, it is going to be absolutely tremendous in finer weather.”

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