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Family’s Facebook Appeal Over 1994 Taxi Murder

The family of a man shot dead as he sat in his taxi nearly 20 years ago have launched a Facebook page in a renewed bid to trace those responsible. Ethsham Ul-Haq Ghafoor, known to his friends and family as Shami, was shot twice in his Ford Sierra while waiting in a car park in Gedling, Nottingham, at 4.30am on November 22, ... Read More »

Drivers forced to have speed limiters

DRIVERS may be forced to have their cars fitted with technology which keeps them within the speed limit under new road safety rules being considered by the EU. New cars would have to feature systems capable of detecting limits through cameras or satellites and automatically applying the brakes. Existing cars could be forced back to the garage to be fitted ... Read More »

Big Ben, Clock Tower, Elizbeth Tower and London Minicabs

Every country or district has their own landmark, symbol or sign. So as England has many famous landmarks. One of them is now known as Elizabeth Tower. But it was called by another name since it made. Initially! It was known as Clock Tower that is not enough because it has also a nickname, which isBig Ben. Because of having famous historic public heritage property, ... Read More »

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