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Taxi drivers need new warnings to alert London drivers

tax3The road signs might be coming back to the capital to warn about the urban problems which taxi drivers have to face.

Nowadays black cab drivers use outdated Highway Code notices to alert motorists to pedestrians oblivious to traffic because they’re either texting or using headphones.

Hundreds of London cabbies are supporting the decision for brand spanking new signs that they force should be included School Run Congestion Zone, Warning – Rickshaws impeding Up Road and Craters Ahead to spot potholes.

Taxi-booking movable app Hailo registered five hundred of its 13 500 drivers to spot the foremost confusing and obsolete road signs that frame the Highway Code.

London’s largest network of drivers then spent 2 months surveying drivers of what was required to replicate new driving problems.

One in four cabbies said that frequent earphone user areas should be flagged to warn drivers of pedestrians who enter a trance-like state once lost in music.

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